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Custom Designed Decon Trailers

As each of our trailers is custom crafted, not RV style assembly, we offer the unique ability to customize virtually every aspect of the design and functionality of every trailer we manufacture.Decon Design Team

In addition to our standard Decontamination trailer floor plans, we provide the ability for you to tailor the floor plan and features to create a mobile unit is specifically suited to your use and the comfort of your crews.

Simply provide us with the basic details of your ideas and thoughts and we will design, spec and price the trailer to meet your requirements.

There is no charge for this service.

Our expertise and experience is in the manufacture of mobile Decon units and we develop our knowledge of the needs of those using our equipment from the men and women using Decon Trailer Crewthem day in and day out.

We learn from visiting your teams on site to witness firsthand exactly how our equipment meets their needs.

We also learn in advance by hearing from you with your thoughts and views on how best to tweak our designs to meet your ever-changing environmental needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Phone us 24/7: 574-892-5151 email us.